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Let's try this again...


My previous setup was nice in principle, but still required too much overhead regarding the CGI setup, how to ‘freeze’ the page, and so on. The problem was not so much that it was complicated in principle, but it was too complicated to simply change or add some content in five minutes every few weeks, without using any of the tools involved in the meantime (and thus having to go back to the README again and again).

Maybe that was a reason I did not blog as (in)frequently as I would like to have done (and, yes, OK, maybe it is also because I was occupied with other things ;-).

Nevertheless, I now switched everything to Jekyll and host the site on Github. Even the vanilla setup covers 95% of my use case, and I will live without the other 5%1.

Let’s see how that goes. At least I’ve dealt with that particular ‘technical debt’ before the year ends.

  1. As a bonus, the site is now served via HTTPS.