Roland Ewald

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Compiling plv8 extension for PostgreSQL 12


There are no Linux binaries available for recent versions of the plv8 extesion, which adds JavaScript support to PostreSQL. Compiling the extension manually is a little tricky, because additional dependencies are necessary (discussed here), while no copy of the V8 library, such as libnode-dev, must be installed (discussed here). The build also relies on python 2. This is how it should work on a Ubuntu 20.10 setup:

# See for all libraries that may be an issue:
sudo apt-get remove libnode libnode-dev
# See
sudo apt-get install python postgresql-server-dev-12 make git pkg-config chromium-browser subversion clang apg ninja-build cmake libc++-dev libc++abi-dev
tar xfvz v2.3.15.tar.gz
cd plv8...
sudo make
sudo make install
make installcheck